Why use a sharpening service?

A dull tool is a dangerous, unproductive tool. A dull tool can damage itself as well as what you’re cutting.

Sharp tools are safer and more productive. We can help you maintain safety and productivity when you’re using a blade to cut metal, plastics, wood (paper), and many other materials.

We sharpen blades made of tool steel, high-speed steel as well blades with a carbide insert, and many other materials.

We sharpen the blades you use to cut steel and other metals, paper, ice, plastic, wood, stone, insulation, and many other materials.

Does your business have an in-house sharpening operation? We are also available to consult with you on best practices, tips, and secrets to getting the best result as well as support you through sales of recommended consumables.

Sometimes sharpening a knife or saw reveals pre-existing manufacturing defects. To keep your equipment and personnel safe, our engineers can alert you to these situations—before you re-install the blade.

We can save your blades

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