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Little Wonder

# 5612-00-01 Little Wonder Pro Vac 6.5 HP High Performance Debris Lawn Vacuum

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Features for the Little Wonder Pro Vac

Clean up all your dirt, debris and leaves with this Little Wonder 5612 Push Vacuum. Built with a Briggs & Stratton engine that offers 6.5 hp to give you all the power you need. 10″ front wheels and 13″ rear wheels make for easy transportation and maneuverability. To keep clouding at a minimum, the Cyclonic Separator redirects dust to the ground away from the user’s face. You can also adjust the height of the nozzle without having to stop the engine to avoid turf scalping and digging.Little Wonder Pro Vac 6.5 HP High Performance Debris Lawn Vacuum

  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ Engine: Durability and power are available with the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ Engine offering 6.5 HP.
  • Superior Suction: An advanced impeller and housing design allow for superior suction to suck up any dirt, debris and leaves.
  • Adjustable Nozzle Height: Avoid scalping and digging by easily adjusting the nozzle height settings without having to stop the engine. Height adjustments range from .75″ – 3″
  • Cyclonic Separator: Re-directs dust to ground level to reduce clouding in the user’s face.
  • Bushel Bag: 8 bushel bag design allows for more dirt and debris to be picked up.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Tubing: Durable continuously welded steel housing for use in rugged environments.
  • Wheels: Easy to transport and maneuver with 10″ front wheels and 13″ rear wheels.
  • Suitable Vacuum Items:leaves, dry mulch, small twigs, litter, acorns, thistles, seed pods, small cans and bottles, grass clippings, paper products, straw, styrofoam products, wood chips.

Cost: $1679.00