About Us

Industrial Sharpening and Sales is a division of Forrest Mfg. Co.

Forrest has 58 years of experience designing and building machinery such as industrial bandsaws—as well as straight and circular metal shears.

When the owner of Houston Saw & Knife sold the property in 2021, Forrest almost lost a valuable resource for sharpening the blades used in our machines. Instead, since manufacturing and sharpening knives and blades naturally fits with our other manufacturing processes and capabilities, we acquired the machinery from Houston Saw & Knife and continue to offer the services.

Now, as a division of Forrest Mfg. Co., Industrial Sharpening and Sales offers all the services once offered by Houston Saw & Knife. Plus, we have the ability to customize new blades thanks to the resources and machine design and building experience accumulated over the last 58 years that we’ve been cutting metal, plastics, and many other materials.

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